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IT Outsourcing and its benefits

Client Staff Augmentation

We provide you with a number of remote professionals

Suitable for short term and long term projects

You have FULL control over your teams

EASILY scale up & scale down to adapt to your evolving business needs

When recommended:

Staff augmentation is a good option if you don't have enough expertise in a particular technology or domain or you need to speed up the development process.

Dedicated & Managed Team

Complete control over project delivery anytime

Ability to increase or decrease your project and the conditions through an agile approach

The team works exclusively on your project

Full control over the budget

When recommended:

The best option for long-term projects with a specific product niche when you aim at delegating management processes while still remaining engaged in decision-making and controlling the pace of development.

Project-based Model

Definite timelines and deliverables

The ability to focus exclusively on your core business

The responsibility for the execution and delivery of the final product is on Extelligence

Full control over the budget

When recommended:

The project-based model works well for startups and enterprises with small or no internal development teams

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